5 Plants to Grow In Pots During Summer

Summer is amazing! The gardening season is in full swing, and the plants all get a happy boost from the heat.

Except for cool-season plants. They’re picky and bolt in the hot summer heat. Lettuces flowering, swiss chard bolting, kale becoming bitter. It’s a tragedy that lasts until fall’s cool temperatures set in.

So if you are looking for plants to grow during summer, and feed your buying plants addiction, this is the right place! Let’s go!

aerial view of tomato plants in pots in a sunny location

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the #1 plant to grow during summer. You can use them in pasta dishes, slice them up for barbecue burgers, or eat them as a nice snack on the go!

Different varieties need different amounts of space. Tiny tomato varieties like “Tumbler” or Bush varieties can do good in as small as a 6-inch pot! However, larger patio varieties like “Little Napoli” enjoy a little more space, around 8 inches or more.

Gardening Tip: Remove the bottom set of leaves and bury the stem 2/3 ways up when repotting. This encourages root development and a more stable plant!

As a companion plant, place your pots of basil and marigolds near your tomatoes to repel pests.

bean plant and flowers blooming with blurred environmental background on a sunny day

2. Beans

Kidney beans are one of the first things I grew as a beginner gardener. It even produced a single bean out of growing nothing but soaked cotton balls in a water bottle. If that shows you how easy they are to grow, I don’t know what will.

Beans thrive in the heat, and bush beans are perfect for braving the weather in 6-inch pots. Bush beans are great for anyone who doesn’t have space for very tall trellises. Not only do they grow in under 8 weeks, but they are nitrogen-fixing!

So basically, they add nitrogen to the soil. WHICH IS CRAZY! They’re perfect to grow in summer in pots before you grow heavy feeders like tomatoes.

growing cucumber plant with blurred environmental background on a sunny day

3. Cucumber

Cucumbers are hydrating, perfect for salads, and are the forefathers of the mighty pickle. Classic plant to grow during balmy summers!

Like beans, they have bush varieties that don’t need a clunky trellis to climb. An excellent cucumber to grow during summer is “Patio Snacker”. They grow in under two months and produce 8 inch long fruits! It’s the perfect cucumber deal!

Another variety I would recommend is the Cucamelon. Which is a Gerkin and has a more sour type but grows like cucumbers and produces fruits that look like tiny watermelons. You can grow Cucamellons with me on The Blossoming Gardener Instagram!

young woman hold ornamental pepper plant

4. Pepper

Peppers are in the same Nightshade family as tomatoes. They like lots of water, are heavy feeders and thrive in hot weather.Don’t plant tomatoes and peppers in the same pot. They will compete for space and pass on pathogens to each other. Now that’s killing two plants with one pot.

Try out the “Cherry Belle” variety of cherry peppers for size! If you want larger bell peppers or hot peppers, I recommend “Mini bell” and “Bird peppers”. Usually, the bigger the pepper, the bigger the pot. So only plant one pepper per 8 inch or larger container.

close up of mini sunflower on a sunny day

5. Sunflower

Sunflowers aren’t only good for pollinators and looking pretty, they are the perfect companion plant to grow near any plant! Their large leaves shield cool season plants from the balmy sun and their stalks are great for plants like beans that need trellising for support!

I tried growing a moonwalker sunflower in an 8 inch pot, and it grew tinier at 4 feet, but still had a large beautiful bloom! So try growing your favorite sunflower in a pot and see what happens! Some varieties that I would reccomend are “Teddy Bear” and “Junior” varitey! They grow perfect in 5 gallon pots and are perfect for starting out cut flower gardens!

So What Now?

Wait!! Make sure that you don’t kill your plant by repotting them wrong! Read How to Repot Your Plants The Right Way. This includes lessons that I learned from repotting my plants wrong for years. And I don’t want you to make that same mistake too and waste your time!

These 5 plants will flourish under the summer heat. And it’s not too late! To get informational articles like these straight to your inbox, along with a monthly “Plant of the Month” Newsletter and a free gardening dictionary, subscribe to my newsletter!

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That’s all for now. Happy gardening, and happy memorial day! Till we meet again.

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