Starting A Herb Garden Right Now Will Change Your Life. Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Let’s be honest. EVERYONE needs herbs in their kitchen. And what better way than starting a herb garden?

It’s a necessity that’s second to breathing and repotting your plants right!

Shame that there’s rarely any fresh herbs in the house anymore. Or you have to pay a small fortune for dried herbs that haven’t been sitting on the aisle for months.

But here’s the thing, you don’t have to live like this!

Starting a herb garden is ridiculously easy and the reasons to start growing herbs outweigh any “convenience” by buying it at the store.

Start your 2022 growing season right before the last frost date after reading these 5 reasons for starting an herb garden.

reasons for starting a herb garden - a bowl of ramen with chive herbs

1. Nothing Matches What You Grow Yourself in A Herb Garden

You’re making a lovely tomato sauce dish, and instead of using limp basil from the store, you pinch off home-grown basil and toss it in!

And all you had to do was walk to the counter.

Or maybe this. It’s been one heck of a stressful day at work, and you want nothing more than to relax. Instead of using tea bags with tea that may not be 100% fresh, you get a nice hot cup of mint tea without having to leave your home.

And all you had to do was take a couple sprigs of fresh mint growing on your balcony.

By starting an herb garden, you control what herbs you want, when you want. 

Trust me, the number of times I needed some thyme and all I had to do was walk outside to my porch? It’s a whole different type of efficiency.

starting a herb garden - Dried rosemary in a glass jar, branches of fresh rosemary,

2. Wait, How Fresh Are Those Store-bought Herbs? Seriously.

“Okay, but why not get dried herbs? It’s cheap and easy”

Have you ever wondered why dried herbs are so cheap?

It’s because dried herbs are processed with fillers and additives to get more in the jar without sacrificing more product. These additives could be salt, flour, cornstarch, and even sawdust.

But would you ever notice if I didn’t tell you this?

Even if you are on the prowl for organic, ethically sourced herbs regularly, why even play that game in the first place?

No need to fear pesticides! Or sawdust. Or contaminants.

Herbs also lose their essential oils the longer they are shelved and processed. Starting your herb garden and growing herbs will get you the freshest cooking herbs in the market. The taste can’t compare.

That’s why my course will be on herb gardening, so you can take more control of what goes on in your food. More on that later.

starting a herb garden - rosemary herb in a pot

3. Growing Herbs in Containers is Cheaper in the Long Run

I’ll say it again and again. There is no need to buy tiny sprigs of herbs from the store for 2 dollars every time you need fresh herbs.

Think about it, how many times do your recipes call for fresh parsley or cilantro every month?

Maintaining an herbal spice cabinet can be expensive, significantly if you use fresh herbs often.

Herbs are infinitely cheaper in the long run than buying from the store. You don’t even have to start your seeds! You can grow herbs by growing fresh sprigs in water from the store.

Another great thing about starting an herb garden is the nature of the herbs themselves. Most herbs are perennials [see definition here], so you won’t need to buy a lot of these ever again.

Herbs don’t take a lot of space either. My herbs thrive in a 6-inch container. Especially my creeping rosemary.

starting a herb garden - a bunch of onion chive herbs in the sunlight

4. Starting A Herb Garden Wil Add Some Color to Your Home

Having fresh plants in general in your home can brighten up a home in no time! Not only do herbs look beautiful and add to the coziness of a home, but it smells great too!

Imagine your entire house smelling like a mix of sweet lavender, woody rosemary, and a touch of fresh mint. Now that’s a way to make living and cooking more magical! As it should be.

Aerial view of seed starting cells with tiny basil seedlings of different colors

5. Starting A Herb Garden Opens the Door For Opprotunities

Do you think I’m kidding? Think of it. If you can grow herbs indoors, imagine what else you can grow!

Growing herbs in containers are one of the most uncomplicated types of gardening. By growing herbs, you learn a lot about growing plants in general, from starting seeds to your first harvest.

Perhaps you can start growing vegetables to fry, or fruits to make sweet syrup. The possibilities are endless.

I go into the many possibilities of cooking herbs in my up-and-coming course “Cooking Herbs. From Dirt to Dish”. They’re very forgiving and are a great starting point for anyone, from the home cook to the beginning gardener.

What’s Next, Sarika?

What’s next is that you can start buying and growing some herbs right now. I have a list of 10 herbs to grow indoors, and an upcoming herb gardening course for home cooks.

What will be in this gardening course: 

  • instructions on growing more than 12 herbs
  • PDF sheets
  • 24/7 video lessons

And other goodies in the making. All you need to do is answer the survey in the corner to be enrolled on my waitlist for the course.

If you want to learn about more plants to grow and get to know me personally, subscribe to my Plant of the Month! I share gardening experiences, and teach you about a new plant every month! You can always unsubscribe!

Before you go, don’t forget to snag your gardening dictionary! I collected and defined more the 100 of the most common gardening terms you’ll come across. So that next time you encounter a gardening word, you’re not scratching your head and saying, “Huh?”.

And that’s all for now. Happy Gardening, till we meet again.

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