Let’s Start A Smoothie Garden! Discover the 5 Healthy Plants to Grow For Your Green Smoothies Today!

What better way to be healthy than using fresh from the garden produce?

Smoothies are a great use as a meal replacement or for those extra nutrients as a boost. Enjoying fresh smoothies is nice and all, but what if you could grow a smoothie garden on your balcony?

No need to get overpriced spinach that’ll wilt in days. Not to mention you won’t contribute to climate change and hills of food that land up in landfills!

In short, it’s cheaper, convenient, and doesn’t get fresher than that. So here are the five plants to grow an endless supply for your smoothie garden!

Smoothie Garden bunch of kale closeup

1. Kale

It’s common knowledge that summer bodies are made in the winter, and this plant is perfect for that!

Kale is a resilient smoothie green and get’s sweeter in the winter. Plus, These big burly leaves can give your daily serving of B, C, and K in just one smoothie! It’s a green smoothie staple if you ask me.

Plant kale in a 6-inch pot four weeks before your last frost date. Not sure when your frost dates are? Click here!

Smoothie Garden bunch of spinach surrounding a green smoothie

2. Spinach

Spinach is the perfect pair with kale in a smoothie. It’s a good source of vitamins B, C, K, and iron which help with healthy skin and nails! Not to mention that just one cup of spinach can give you half of your daily recommended amount of vitamin A!

Spinach is perfect for your smoothie garden because you can pluck off the number of leaves you need, like basil, and avoid unnecessary waste. Plant spinach alongside kale in the chillier spring and fall months to get daily harvests.

A bunch of rainbow swiss chard

3. Swiss Chard

Ever wanted to add some pop to your smoothies? Then swiss chard is the way to go! It’s potent in vitamins K, A, and C, and is a good source of magnesium, fiber, and potassium.

Unlike kale or lettuce, swiss chard is hot and cold-tolerant. You can grow it all year long. Swiss chard also can take a little bit of crowding in a pot, so it’s perfect as an ornamental as well! Grow a plant in a 6-inch pot full of container soil to reap the benefits of this rainbow powerhouse!

A sprig of mint in a jar

4. Mint

Mint, it’s everywhere. In flavorings, gum, candy, even savory dishes, so why not a bunch to your smoothie?

Mint is perfect to use for brightening up a smoothie’s flavor and as a garnish. Mint has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts your immune system, so why not toss a sprig or two?

Mint is a perennial herb, which means it can be grown year after year. It’s essential to plant your mint in a container, or it will sprawl out over everythingHere’s a guide to keeping that from happening.

Closeup of hands holding a bunch of strawberries

5. Strawberry

What fun is growing a smoothie garden if your smoothies taste like just vegetables?

Strawberries add natural sugars and bursts of vitamin C and fiber to make you feel rejuvenated. The greens of the strawberries are also edible to get an extra punch of antioxidants.

Strawberries are also perennials and can be grown in any way possible. You can grow them in pots, raised beds, even upside down! Try it out.

What’s Next, Sarika?

There’s one more thing that I forgot to tell you! If you grow these plants indoors, you can virtually grow them year long, no matter what it is! So go out and get yourself a few plants at your local plant store.

Before you go, don’t forget to snag your gardening dictionary! I collected and defined more the 100 of the most common gardening terms you’ll come across. So that next time you encounter a gardening word, you’re not scratching your head and saying, “Huh?”.

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And that’s all for now. Happy Gardening, till we meet again.

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