Propagating Mint Cuttings in Water in Under a Week

Propagating Mint Cuttings in Water in Under a Week

Mint, known as a mischievous, sweet-smelling, easy to grow herb.  It is the perfect plant “no hassle” plant. Propagating mint is a quick and easy way to double, even triple your mint in a weeks. My 12-inch pot of mint was made with originally 6 (six) cuttings. And yes, it is absolutely possible to have rooted cuttings in under a week.

Altogether, you will need:

  • Sharp scissors or shears
  • A clear vase or glass jar
  • A pot
  • Potting mix
  • Patience (The most important of all)
A pot of mint
My pot of mint 1 year after planting 6 cuttings. It smells really nice when you brush your hand over it!

Taking Mint Cuttings

To maximize your chances of success, take cuttings from a healthy plant that is in full growth and not blooming. Make sure that the blades are clean to prevent disease. 

Choose strong stems for cutting. Spindly stems will have a lower chance of success of propagation and take way longer. They will also have an unpleasant skunky smell and rot easily.

Preparing the Cuttings

Cut stems around 3-5 inches (8-10 cm) right below the node. The node is the place where leaves grow out and grow roots from cuttings. 

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Remove all of the bottom leaves except for the top 2 sets. And there you have it! Quick and easy mint cuttings. 

If you don’t have an existing mint plant, sprigs of store-bought mint are great to use. Just make sure to cut below the next node and remove the bottom leaves as directed above.

Propagating Mint Cuttings in Water 

Mint cuttings in a glass jar of water

Do not use a plastic water bottle for rooting your mint. I know, it’s easily accessible and cheap, but it’s not worth it! The narrow opening makes it difficult to root many cuttings and will damage the fragile roots. It also makes it very difficult to change the water.

Once I used a clear plastic bottle for rooting mint cuttings, and it damaged the roots when I was taking the cuttings out. And so, all 7 of my cuttings wilted and died after planting. A week of waiting and excitement wasted!

Stick the cuttings in a vase or glass jar with enough clean water to cover the bottom two nodes. Place the cuttings in a place with bright indirect light. Near a bright sunny window will be just fine. 

And now we wait. Check the cuttings every day and change the water every few days or when it starts to look a little gross. Not changing the water can sometimes lead to your cuttings rotting.

In a few days, you will start to see little roots growing!

Planting Mint Cuttings

When your cuttings have strong roots that are a few inches long, it’s time to plant! Don’t wait so long that the roots start to thin out. 

Have your pot filled with potting mix prepared so you can work quickly. The roots can wilt without moisture for too long. 

Plant your cuttings in the pot and water thoroughly. Keep the soil moist until the new plant has adjusted. It will take some time to adjust.

So, What Now?

And Voila! New mint plants! Perfect for giving as a surprise gift to a friend or neighbor. Learn more about mint by signing up for my Plant of the Month Newsletter. You also get a free gardening dictionary when you sign up! 

And that’s all for now! Happy Gardening, till we meet again.

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