Thank You For The Past 2 Years

When I started this blog, The Blossoming Gardener, I wanted to help people grow whatever they wanted. What I needed, and other people needed too was someone who could truly make gardening fun.

So for the next couple years I hustled, grew, and wrote like my life depended on it. But as I kept on working on my gardening business, I was ignoring something else.

You may know that I have been gardening since I’ve been 6. It’s a real therapy to me, and the joy of gardening will never be lost to me. However, it is not my passion, as I’ve recently found out.

I’ve started to feel this for a couple months, and wrote it off as self-doubt. So it really came to that point, until now.

I’ll be blunt. I am an artist and an animator, and that is my passion. And that’s what I believe I really wanted out of this blog. I wanted people’s lives to be positively changed for the better because of the things that I create.

And I did! Every time someone contacts me about how my techniques helped them, it made every struggle worth it.

You made these past two years so worth it. I sincerely thank you so much for reading my posts and hopefully, I helped you on your gardening journey.

This is where we part ways.

To focus on my art and animation, I’ve decided to end The Blossoming Gardener.

In my art and animation, I will draw original characters and fanart Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays every week and upload them to my art Instagram, which you can find below on my socials.

Even if I haven’t been able to stick around as long as I thought I did, I do not regret starting this blog. It has helped me educate and digitally talk your ear off.

So… I believe this is goodbye for now. I will still be gardening and learning. And I hope that you can keep on gardening and learning as well! That’s all for me. Keep growing.

Happy gardening! Till we meet again.


You can support my art on these socials:

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